Jewellery in colour palettes inspired by the House of Colour seasons

If you are lucky enough to have discovered colour analysis through House of Colour, then the Colour Jewellery range could be perfect for you with each design available in a palette of colours tailored to each of the four main seasonal colour palettes.

Click on a season below to see each collection presented with colour options to suit Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter palettes.

House of Colour spring colours, necklace in red orange and yellow

Spring Palette

House of Colour autumn colours, necklace in greens blues and copper

Autumn Palette

House of Colour Summer colours, necklace in pink blue and purple

Summer Palette

House of Colour winter colours, necklace in shades of grey

Winter Palette


Also available is a Bespoke service to either tailor an existing design to suit you, or to work with you to create an entirely unique piece. Contact for more information about this service our with any questions that you might have.

Finding accessories to work with your seasonal colours has never been so easy!