What to do if it rains or snows on your Wedding Day!

No matter how much planning and preparation work you put into your big day, the one thing that you cannot control is the weather :-)

So, the next best thing to do is to make plans to cover these eventualities, within reason ;-) If you are getting married in July for example it is very unlikely (some might say zero chance!) of it snowing, but you definitely cannot say that about rain!

Summer wedding in the rain!

The last thing you want is to wake up on the morning of your Wedding to a forecast for rain and be worried about how it might impact your day.

As usual with my blog posts I have added some inspiration to a Pinterest board

'What if it rains or snows on your wedding day?!

' to give you some ideas, and below are a few pointers that might help you to avoid these potential wedding day headaches!

My first tip would be to go local; suppliers local to your venue are more likely to be able to get there on the day if snow is an issue or if heavy rain and floods pay a visit (so true for parts of the country as I write this 



Getting supplies through in the snow!

It is also a great thing to ‘buy local’ and support businesses in your local area anyway!

If your plans are to have your ceremony or reception (or parts thereof) outside, then make sure that you have alternatives available in case the heavens open! That champagne reception on the lawn in your Country House Hotel could become a champagne reception in the Drawing Room overlooking the lawn instead for example :-)

Indoor wedding champagne reception

Most venues with outdoor options will have contingency plans available, but it is always best to discuss these well ahead of the big day so that plans can seamlessly flow from one option to the other. This will mean that you don’t have to even get involved on the day because you know that it is all under control.

For photographs I can still remember the photographer on my wedding day telling me that bright sunshine is actually not the optimum conditions for taking photographs (although of course you can still get amazing shots in the sun ;-)) An overcast day helps by giving a softer edge to the light and is more forgiving for those lovely close up shots.

If you are happy to ‘go with the flow’ and the rain is falling, why not even have some off the cuff photos taken out in the rain?!

Stunning rainy wedding photos

Snow of course will provide an absolutely amazing backdrop to your photos as long as there isn’t a blizzard blowing in at the time!

Stunning snowy wedding photo

Going back to basics (and to scenarios that are less extreme!), what plan is better for a rainy day than a lovely brolly and a pair of welly boots 


 There are of course lots of places to buy umbrellas and boots, but in my search for Wedding specific ones I have come across four British based companies which I now love!

For brollies, I






brolly bucket

! Brolly bucket is based in Hamilton, Scotland and was set up by a bride who had been searching for beautiful contemporary umbrella stands to hold an array of white umbrellas for guests at her own wedding. On not finding anything to fit the bill she designed her own! From this the business of brolly bucket was born where you can hire or buy from a wide range of umbrellas, and of course the unique

'brolly bucket'

stands to hold them!

Pink and White Brolly Bucket

There is such a gorgeous array of colours to choose from, so you don't have to stick to wedding white.


Beautiful array of umbrella colours from Brolly Bucket

For worry free organisation of umbrellas for your big day the service offered by the Brolly Bucket team looks second to none as shown by their

fantastic testimonials


From a lovely small company to the largest supplier of umbrellas in the UK, but none the less a Great British company;


based in London.

Founded by a British inventor back in 1956 and growing to become the great British brand that they are today, Fulton are also 'By Royal Appointment to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II' no less!

What drew me to Fulton are these stylish yet practical birdcage umbrellas which provide excellent coverage for your head whilst being transparent so that you can see out and your guests and photographer can still see you in all your finery ;-)

With a silver rim this is my favourite

which at only £17 is an absolute bargain I think!

Silver Birdcage Fulton Umbrella

Or this beautiful Lily patterned one

Lily Birdcage Fulton Umbrella

I love the mixture of practicality, stylish luxury, yet affordability that comes from these lovely umbrellas.

For welly boots, see Daisy Roots!

Daisy Roots

is a family run business based in Derbyshire, UK which offers an amazing array of wellies for sale - including the ever popular

Weddington Boots

which I wrote about in my blog

Winter Wedding Warmers

Whether you are after pink floral 'Hunters',

Floral Hunter Boots

Funky Cow Spot Print,

Funky Cow Print!

or classic white Weddington Boots

Classic Catherine Weddington Boots

Daisy roots will have a boot to fit the bill!

For something chic and unique, who can forget the amazing

Dragon's Den success story of Wedge Welly


Pink and Black Wedge Wellies

On the one day in your life when you want to look your best, why compromise on style if the weather turns against you? To maintain that feeling of style and glamour go for Wedge Wellies! You’ll definitely get a lot of extra wear after your big day too;

many reviews say how comfortable these amazing wellies are


From bright Pink 'Candy Girl' boots,

Candy Girl Wedge Welly

to purple heart patterned,

Purple Heart Wedge Welly

Wedge Welly will have a style to suit your mood!

Whether your Wedding dawns bright and sunny or with a blanket of snow on the ground, as long as you have prepared well it is set to be the best day of your life :-)