What is in a name....

When starting up my jewellery business I searched far and wide for a name that embodied what I wanted to say about my jewellery and what I wanted people to feel when they wear it.

Italian is often called the language of love so when I found the beautiful word 'Brillare' which means 'Sparkle or Shine bright' I fell in love! I wanted to design my jewellery to make people feel special when they wear it, so 'Brillare, Designed to Sparkle' was born :-)

Now that the company had a name to suit, as I designed each piece I searched for a name to continue this sparkling, glowing, luxurious feeling for everyone who wore them.

Starting with

two of my personal favourites 'Carys' and 'Kerensa' which both mean 'Love', fitting so beautifully with these gorgeous bracelets and their stunning sterling silver heart charms:

Carys and Kerensa crystal and pearl stacked bracelets

to 'Amarilla', simply meaning 'Sparkling'


Amarilla bracelet in Clear AB

to 'Candra' meaning 'Luminescent'; so apt for the Swarovski pearls which appear to glow:

Candra bracelet in white pearl

to 'Inara' which means 'Illuminating, shining' describing so perfectly the light streaming through these beautiful crystal earrings:

Inara earrings in Citrine

'to Seren' meaning star, shining as brightly as the beautiful charms in this necklace:

Seren necklace

to 'Cordelia' meaning

'Heart', matching as no other name would to this stunning necklace with the limited edition Swaorvski 'Devoted to u' heart pendant:

Cordelia necklace with white pearls

A name can so often be forgotten, but having been through the process of designing and naming each piece of my jewellery I hope that the essence of the name lives on for the person who wears it.

For many of my customers this jewellery is the final adornment for their wedding day; the sprinkling of sparkle that brings all of those months - often years of planning, to that final moment before they step out to meet their husband to be.

I hope that the sentiment behind the carefully named pieces of jewellery stays with them as they glide down their aisle. Glowing, feeling loved, sparkling, shining like a star, towards the start of the rest of their life :-)

With love,