Pantone Colours for Autumn/ Winter 2013

Hot on the heels of my post Spring/ Summer 2013 Pantone Colours come my thoughts on the

Pantone Autumn Winter (AW) colours for 2013. More apt for this time of year; partly because they are hot off the catwalks of the major fashion weeks of New York, London and Milan, with Paris just starting, but also because Winter is still well and truly with us in the UK!

The AW 2013 shows have been amazingly diverse, but the main theme that has run through them and been captured in essence by Pantone is the colour palette shown below.

The Pantone 'Colour of the Year' Emerald brings a thread of consistency through from the SS palette to the AW one; a bold colour bridging the gap between the almost sombre, dark end of the palette with 'Carafe' and 'Turbulence' and the more vibrant end with the aptly named 'Vivacious' and 'Samba' colours.

Please see my Pinterest board

'Pantone Colours for Autumn/Winter (aw) 2013'

for some inspiration and delights based around these colours!

As with the SS Pantone palette, the colours shown in many British designers AW 2013 collections show that they had a considerable influence over the chosen AW shades.

The collection shown by

House of Holland for AW 2013

 is bursting at the seams with these colours (metaphorically speaking!)  from some very daring combinations through to pretty demure ensembles covering the show theme of

'Rave Nana'


From rich Acai and vibrant Koi with a dress and furry coat combo:


House of Holland Acai Dress and Koi furry coat

through a gorgeous Vivacious and Turbulence jumper and skirt:

House of Holland Vivacious jumper and Turbulence skirt

finally embracing the full geekiness of the 'Nana Rave' theme with this sweater and dress ensemble in shades of Samba and Deep Lichen!

House of Holland jumper in Deep Lichen and skirt with Samba shades

From the 'geek chic' at House of Holland to the elegant, albeit cutting edge, 

AW 2013 collection from

Julien McDonald


Here we find daring, plunging v's at both the front and sides of this stunning dress, in the ever present 'Colour of the year' Emerald and splashes of Mykonos Blue:

Julien Macdonald dress in Emerald and Mykonos Blue

Followed by the bold Koi and Carafe in a striking nearly not there lace dress!

Julien Macdonald dress in Koi and Carafe shades

Finally, the incomparable Queen of British fashion,

Vivienne Westwood

presented a collection where the AW 2013 palette is well represented.


Red Label collection

is full

of style with a twist, just as you would expect. Rich fabrics and colours, cut and draped expertly to enhance the body silhouette. Colours are mixed that should clash, but the overall effect works so well.

From this standout coat of vivid Mykonos Blue with a flash of Koi in a silk scarf:

Vivienne Westwood Mykonos Blue coat with Koi scarf accessorising

to a beautifully cut jacket and trousers in the more subtle shades of Deep Lichen, lifted by shades of Mykonos Blue in the shirt:

Vivienne Westwood jacket and trousers in shades of Deep Lichen

through to the dark tones of Carafe in this softly draped dress, cleverly accessorised with striking Mykonos Blue tights.

Vivienne Westwood dress in Carafe tones accessorised with Mykonos Blue tights

The overall feel of the collection is sumptuously gorgeous, and eminently wearable!

The AW Pantone colour palette can be matched or toned with an array of gorgeous Swarovski colours as seen below.

Emerald tones with:

Mykonos Blue tones with:

Linden Green tones with:

Acai tones with:

Samba tones with:

Koi tones with:

Deep Lichen tones with:

Vivacious tones with:

Turbulence tones with:

Carafe tones with:


So many gorgeous colours to choose from; either matching or toning with your chosen outfit.

From this palette I have to say that my favourite colour is Acai. As I mentioned in a previous post

'To quote the Fashion Bible that is Vogue....

' may favourite colour is a rich deep purple, and this more than fits the bill :-)

What is your favourite colour from this palette? Why not ask us to create a special piece in your favourite colour to

add some sparkle to your day