Introducing the Designed to Sparkle Jewellery Blog!

Welcome to the Designed to Sparkle Jewellery Blog!

In this first post I will tell you a little about myself and how Designed to Sparkle came into existence.

My name is Fiona Self and I am the face behind Designed to Sparkle. I am in my mid-thirties (eek 35 puts me in that bracket now!) and the mum of a gorgeous little boy who will be two in December.

I have always loved making jewellery, starting when I was at school buying beads and silver plated wire and making things for friends and family. The

Janet Coles bead catalogue

was a revelation to me and I’m sure I’ve still got a copy in the loft somewhere!

Life moved on with friends and family starting to get married, and I was often asked to make jewellery for the bride and bridesmaids which would match the colour and theme of the wedding. I also made the bridesmaid jewellery for my own wedding, liking the fact that I could give a personal gift that they knew had been handmade with love.

My Wedding with beautiful bridesmaids :-)

In December 2010 I went on maternity leave and had my beautiful baby boy. This took up most of my time and the Jewellery went on the back burner for a while.

I was due to return to work in October 2011, but as with many other people I was unfortunately made redundant whilst on maternity leave.

Rather than seeing this as a negative I decided to turn it into an opportunity to try making my hobby a business; an idea that had always lurked at the back of my head but had seemed too scary to give up a well-paid job for!

Colour matching jewellery with outfits had become the top request from family and friends, so I came up with the idea of a core set of designs that could be customised by simply changing the main colour of the piece.

I wanted to create a collection using the best materials to make jewellery that could be cherished, so I use Sterling Silver with


Crystals or Pearls. The

Swarovski range gives the best array of colours

that I have found as well as the high quality that Swarovski is known for; along with (in my opinion) the best sparkle from a crystal that isn’t a diamond!

Brillare is Italian for ‘Sparkle’, and from this

Designed to Sparkle, Brillare

was born!

Through my Blog I hope to discuss ideas and themes around Weddings, colour, jewellery and fashion that inspire me and that will hopefully inspire you too.