Choosing your Wedding Colours can be daunting!

Choosing your colours for a wedding can be a daunting task!

You may be lucky and have a favourite colour, or you might have been planning your wedding in your head for so long that you know exactly what you want :-) If that is the case then you have a great starting point!

For those who are not so sure or just don’t know where to start then hopefully I can give you a helping hand.

One place to start is with a Colour Wheel. Seeing a whole array of colours laid out before you can make one or two just jump out at you!

Swarovski have their own interactive version of a colour wheel online where you can play around with choosing a main crystal colour and see what complimentary (harmonious) or contrasting colours are suggested.

For a bit more background about the Swarovski colours and colour wheel, see the

Swarovski Crystal Colours

page on the

Designed to Sparkle

 website :-) You can even

buy a physical version of the Swarovski Colour wheel

to try out some combinations at home!

Ok, so we now have a gorgeous array of colours to choose from, how do we decide?!

Inspiration is what we need!

There are a lot of amazing websites out there with a wealth of inspiration and ideas, although half the problem when there is so much information is finding a path through it all!

To try and help I have gathered together some of my favourite colour scheme ideas on a Pinterest board to share with you,

Wedding Colour Inspiration

, along with a few hints and tips below.

  • Think about the season that you’re getting married in. Colours in nature at a particular time of year often work well.
    • Greens and whites of early blossom for a spring wedding.
    • Bright pink, yellow and orange of flowers for a summer wedding.
    • Golds, oranges, rusty reds of leaves for an autumn wedding.
    • Silver and pale blue of icicles and snow for a winter wedding.
  • What sort of mood do you want to convey with your big day?
    • Bright and fun
    • Laid back and relaxed
    • Chic and sophisticated
    • Romantic
  • What sort of decor does your venue have?
    • Complement any existing colour scheme.
      • If the reception room has a strong Red carpet for instance then it’s probably best to avoid clashing with Fuchsia pink!
      • Use the venue's colour scheme as a spring board; maybe the reception room has a feature wall that you particularly like?
  • What is the feel of your venue?
    • Beach Wedding
    • Stylish Boutique Hotel
    • Country House Hotel
  • Do you have a favourite flower that you want in your bouquet?
    • See what colours are available at the time of year of your wedding and use that to narrow down your lead colour choice.
    • Do you want a single colour or a range of colours?
      • Complimentary colours
    • Contrasting colours
    • Colour clashes – some do work!

Whichever colour scheme you eventually choose, the most important thing as with everything Wedding related is that you are happy!

If you want to go against all of the ‘Rules’ (whatever they really are ;-)) then you should just do it!